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February 18, 2014
Seven (7) Once-Through Steam Generators (OTSG) available for sale

Thermotics is pleased to announce the availability of (5) units – 50 MM BTU/HR and (2) units – 25 MM BTU/HR


The Steam Generators are once-through, single pass, direct fired unit consisting of a combustion chamber-Radiant Section, Convection Section and Burner System complete with all necessary valves and safety equipment required for safe and efficient operation.

The Steam Generators are mounted on structural steel skids capable of supporting and safely transporting the Steam Generator equipment, controls and instrumentation.





Aug 18, 2013
KOC OTSG Delivery

9bde57_8902d0b6447b4a3ea2c34c2da6bc007b.jpg_srb_p_874_656_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srbThermotics is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an order to deliver Once-Through Oilfield Generator (OTSG) and associated Water Treatment Plants to Kuwait (KOC) through the company’s Channel Partner.






April 10, 2012

Unknown-1Thermotics is pleased to announce that it has been awarded an order to deliver (9) Once-Through Oilfield Steam Generators (OTSG) and Nine (9) Associated Water Treatment Plants for PDVSA in Venezuela.




May 16, 2011
COR Thermotics LLC Purchases Thermotics IP from Engineering Systems, Inc.

Katty, Texas (USA) – May 16, 2011 Thermotics LLC is proud to announce the purchase of the Intellectual Property and trademark rights in the Thermotics®brand Once—Through Steam Generators (OTSG) and equipment from ITS Engineering Systems Inc. (ITSES)

As a result of this transaction, COR Thermotics now owns the Thermotics®trademark name and provides the worldwide marketing, sales, design, engineering, fabrication and after-sales services for this product line. The OTSG’s will continue to be manufactured in the Katy, Texas facility.

This purchase strengthens COR Thermotics thermal recovery portfolio by providing clients with a solution package from equipments supply and commissioning to contract steam and Operation & Maintenance Contract Agreements. Purchasing this intellectual property will give COR Thermotics an added advantage in their long term vision of becoming a total solution company fulfilling the needs from start to finish including the ever important after-service support and the commissioning of the steam generator units.

Thermotics®Steam Generators have been in operation since the inception of steam flood technology. Since 1967 Thermotics equipment has been supplied to both domesic and foreign operations including Canada, Russia, the Middle East, Brazil, Trinidad, Venezuela, Indonesia, Albania and China.

“By purchasing Thermotics Technology IP, COR, a company with a true passion for helping their clients with a total solution for their total needs, we are making steam generator design, fabrication and manufacturing more accessible to clients around the world by creating a single source channel for their Steam Generator needs,” said Heather Jones, COR Thermotics™General Manager.

Through out high caliber engineers, designers, fabrication specialist, and services engineers, the company has completed the design, fabrication, start-up and commissioning of steam generators with capacities of up to 300 MM BTU/HR.